Sircol Collagen Assay Kit

Soluble Collagen Assay Sircol™


Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay

The Sircol™ Collagen Assay is a quantitative assay for measurement of both acid-soluble and pepsin-soluble collagens.

The assay can assess the rate of newly synthesised collagen.  New collagen is produced during periods of rapid growth and development.  New collagen is also generated during inflammation, wound healing and tumour development.

The Sircol Assay can monitor collagen produced in situ, or during in-vitro cell culture.   It can also measure in-vitro extracellular matrix formation.

This assay is not suitable for covalent cross-linked collagen.  However, our Sircol Insoluble Assay (S2000) replaces hydroxyproline analysis.  This allows the customer to measure insoluble collagen within one working day.