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A Biocolor Extracellular Matrix assay kit
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Explore our versatile, dye-based, colorimetric assay kits for quantitative Extracellular Matrix analysis.

Designed for various samples—hard and soft tissues, fluids, and cells, both in-vivo and in-vitro.

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Apoptosis detection & measurement

Biocolor's APOPercentage assay kit is a cell-based, colorimetric assay capable of detection and quantification of apoptosis at single cell resolution*.

APOPercentage has been designed for use with in-vitro cultured cells.*using optional image analysis protocol

Biocolor's Ethos

Quantitative, User-friendly, Reliable.
At Biocolor, our guiding principles are clear: We develop the assay kits we would want to use ourselves.

This ethos has been at the core of our approach since day one, and is the driving force behind everything we create.

by design

Our kits are designed to make quantification as straightforward as possible - letting you get on with your research!

Each kit comes with a printed Quickstart Guide, Assay Manual and of course our full customer support.

Dye-based detection

We specialise in the use of dye-based detection reagents.

These are formulated to specifically label biomolecules or cells and give robust & reproducible binding responses.

Straightforward analysis

diagram of microcell plate
Biocolor kits utilise colorimetric detection.

This means that dye-labelled biomolecules or cells can be readily detected using a standard spectrophotometer.

Individual customer support

Please browse our site to see how our kits could be useful in your work.

We offer individual support via website, email, or phone.

Feel free to contact us, we love to hear how you are using our kits!
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Biocolor kits have been cited in 1000's of peer-reviewed papers in fields such as bioengineering, food, cosmetics, biomedical and veterinary research*.
Kits designed for research use only.

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