Hyaluronan Assay

Hyaluronan Assay Purple-Jelley


Purple-Jelley Hyaluronan Assay

The Purple-Jelley Hyaluronan Assay is a quantitative  assay used to measure the quantity of hyaluronic acid in mammalian tissue.

It is a dye-based method with a detection limit of 0.2μg.   The dye used is ‘Stains-all’.

The assay manual includes methods for the user to remove tissue protein and sulfated glycosaminoglycans before measuring the isolated hyaluronic acid.  Also included in the manual is an outline guide to the distribution of hyaluronic acid present in various animal tissues –  heart, kidney, lung, leg muscle and skin.  All values were obtained using this assay.  In adult animals the hyaluronic acid percentage gradually increases during ageing as muscle and fat mass decrease.