February, 2019

Recent Citations

Sircol Assay

Liu,Q., Lu,J., Lin,J., Tang,Y., Pu,W., Shi,X., Jiang,J., Liu,J., Ma,Y., Li,Y., Xu,J., Jin,L., Wang,J. and Wu,W. (2019) Salvianolic acid B attenuates experimental skin fibrosis of systemic sclerosis.  Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 110, 546 – 553.

Blyscan Assay

Cota,J.M.G., Leale,D.M., Arzi,B. and Cissell,D.D. (2019) Regional and disease-related differences in properties of the equine temporomandibular joint disc.  Journal of Biomechanics 82, 54 – 61.


Fastin Assay

Lei,Y., Guo,G., Jin.W., Liu,M. and Wang,Y. (2019) Riboflavin photo-cross-linking method for improving elastin stability and reducing calcification in bioprosthetic heart valves.  Xenotransplantation 2019 Jan 4:e12481.


Apopercentage Assay

Adeyemi,O.S., Otohinoyi,D.A., Awakan,O.J. and Adeyanju,A.A. (2019) Cellular apoptosis of HFF cells by inorganic nanoparticles not susceptible to modulation by Toxoplasma gondii infection in vitro. Toxicology in Vitro 54, 280 – 285.



Cell Clock Assay
Soe,Z.C., Bijay,K.P., Nguyen,H.T., Raj,K.T., Ou,W., Milan,G., Kishwor,P., Jin,S.G, Jeong,J-H., Ku,S.K., Choi,H-G., Yong,C.S. and Kim,J.O. (2019) Folate-targeted nanostructured chitosan/chondroitin sulfate complex carriers for enhanced delivery of bortezomib to colorectal cancer cells.  Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 14, 40 – 51.