January, 2019

Recent Citations

Sircol Assay

Bai,L., Chang,H-M., Zhu,Y-M. and Leung,P.C.K. (2019) Bone morphogenetic protein 2 increases lysyl oxidase activity via up-regulation of snail in human granulosa-lutein cells.  Cellular Signalling 53, 201 – 211.


Blyscan Assay

Cunniffe,G.M., Díaz-Payno,P.J., Sheehy,E.J., Critchley,S.E., Almeida,H.V., Pitacco,P., Carroll,S.F., Mahon,O.R., Dunne,A., Levingstone,T.J., Moran,C.J., Brady,R.T., O’Brien,F.J., Brama,P.A.J. and Kelly,D.J. (2019) Tissue-specific extracellular matrix scaffolds for the regeneration of spatially complex musculoskeletal tissues.  Biomaterials 188, 63 – 73.


Fastin Assay

Kozma,B., Candiotti,K., Poka,R. and Takács,P. (2018) The Effects of Heat exposure on Vaginal Smooth Muscle Cells: Elastin and Collagen Production.  Gynecol Obstet Invest 83, 247–251.

Apopercentage Assay

Li,Y., Chen,Y., Ma,Y., Nenkov,M., Haase,D. and Petersen,I. (2018) Collagen Prolyl Hydroxylase 3 has a Tumor Suppressive Activity in Human Lung Cancer.  Experimental Cell Research 363, 121 – 128.