July, 2018

Recent Citations

Sircol Assay

Zhao,J., Okamoto,Y., Asano,Y., Ishimaru,K., Aki,S., Yoshioka,K., Takuwa,N., Wada,T., Inagaki,Y., Takahashi,C., Nishiuchi,T. and Takuwa,Y. (2018) Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor-2 facilitates pulmonary fibrosis through potentiating IL-13 pathway in macrophages.  PLOS One https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0197604.

Blyscan Assay

Chiang,C-S., Chen,J-Y., Chiang,M-Y., Hou,K-T., Li,W-M., Chang,S-J. and Chen,S-Y. (2018) Using the interplay of magnetic guidance and controlled TGF-β release from protein-based nanocapsules to stimulate chondrogenesis.  International Journal of Nanomedicine 13, 3177 – 3188.

Fastin Assay

Lescan,M., Perl,R.M., Golombek,S., Pilz,M., Hann,L., Yasmin,M., Behring,A., Keller,T., Nolte,A., Gruhn,F., Kochba,E., Levin,Y., Schlensak,C., Wendel,H.P. and Avci-Adali,M. (2018) De Novo Synthesis of Elastin by Exogenous Delivery of Synthetic Modified mRNA into Skin and Elastin-Deficient Cells.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.omtn.2018.03.013

 Apopercentage Assay

Shimabukuro,J., Yogi,T., Nago,M., Teruya,T., Konishi,T. and Tako,M. (2018) Induction of apoptosis by fucoidan isolated from a traditional food, Saccharina longissima, in U937 human leukemia cells.  https://www.ffhdj.com/index.php/ffhd/article/view/411

Cell Clock Assay

Thapa,R.K., Soe,Z.C., Ou,W., Poudel,K., Jeong,J-H., Jin,S.G., Ku,S.K., Choi,H-G., Lee,Y.M., Yong,C.S. and Kim,J.O. (2018) Palladium nanoparticle-decorated 2-D graphene oxide for effective photodynamic and photothermal therapy of prostate solid tumors.  Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 169, 429 – 437.