March, 2018

Recent Citations

Sircol Assay

Rajabi,S., Pahlavan,S., Ashtiani,M.K., Ansari,H., Abbasalizadeh,S., Sayahpour,F.A., Varzideh,F., Kostin,S., Aghdami,N., Braun,T. and Baharvand,H. (2018) Human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiovascular progenitor cells efficiently colonize in bFGF-tethered natural matrix to construct contracting humanized rat hearts.  Biomaterials 154,  99 – 112.

Blyscan Assay

Yang,Y., Lin,H., Shen,H., Wang,B., Lei,G. and Tuan,R.S. (2018) Mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular matrix enhances chondrogenic phenotype of and cartilage formation by encapsulated chondrocytes in vitro and in vivo.  (2018) Acta Biomaterialia

Fastin Assay

Gerli,M.F.M., Guyette,J.P., Evangelista-Leite,D., Ghoshhajra,B.B., Ott,H.C. (2018) Perfusion decellularization of a human limb: A novel platform for composite tissue engineering and reconstructive surgery.  PLoS ONE 13(1):e0191497.

 Apopercentage Assay

Ma,Y-H.V., Lam,C., Dalmia,S., Gao,P., Young,J., Middleton,K., Liu,C., Xu,H. and You,L. (2018) Mechanical regulation of breast cancer migration and apoptosis via direct and indirect osteocyte signalling.  Journal of Cellular Biochemistry doi: 10.1002/jcb.26745.