December, 2017

Recent Citations

Sircol Assay

Castaneda,J., Lesaux,C., Calhoun,C. and Peters,J. (2017) Effect of Mycophenolate in a Mouse Model of Lung Fibrosis.  Chest 152, Issue 4, Supplement, Page A489.

Blyscan Assay

Cunha,C., Lamas,S., Gonçalves,R.M. and Barbosa,M.A. (2017) Joint analysis of IVD herniation and degeneration by rat caudal needle puncture model.  J Orthop Res 35, 258 – 268.

Fastin Assay

Eoh,J.H., Shen,N., Burke,J.A., Hinderer,S., Xia,Z., Schenke-Layland,K. and Gerecht,S. (2017)  Enhanced elastin synthesis and maturation in human vascular smooth muscle tissue derived from induced-pluripotent stem cells.  Acta Biomaterialia 52, 49 – 59.

 Apopercentage Assay

Kamath,P.R., Sunil,D., Joseph,M.M., Salam,A.A.A. and Sreelekha,T.T. (2017) Indole-coumarin-thiadiazole hybrids: An appraisal of their MCF-7 cell growth inhibition, apoptotic, antimetastatic and computational Bcl-2 binding potential.  European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 136, 442 – 451.