Insoluble Collagen Assay – Sircol™


The Sircol™ INSOLUBLE Collagen Assay is a dye binding method for the analysis of insoluble collagen fibres.

The assay can be used to assess the rate of production of newly laid down collagen fibres during periods of rapid growth, development, tissue repair, remodeling and wound healing. Sources of material includes tissues, bone and calcified tissue.

  • It replaces the conventional hydroxyproline analysis. No more working with concentrated acids or alkalis!
  • The Sircol Insoluble Assay uses mild acid and temperature treatment for 2 to 3 hrs.
  • The solubility conversion to denatured collagen and subsequent measurement can be completed within one working day.
  • The ratio of soluble and insoluble collagens can be measured using the same Sircol Dye Reagent.

Sensitivity: 10μg

Time required: 4 hours

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