cell migration assay

Cell Migration Assay Cell Émigré


Cell Migration Assay Cell Émigré

The Cell Migration Assay, Cell Émigré, is a quick & quantitative assay for determining linear cell migration rate. It is designed for use with attachment-dependent mammalian cells.

This assay measures migration within an array of linear microchannels in a microfluidic chip.   The assay kit comprises a set of single-use microfluidic migration chips together with support reagents and protocol.  Video recording/computer image analysis is not required and migration can be quantified at any time point during an assay.

Each Cell Émigré assay chip comprises three identical migration arrays.  Each array contains ten microchannels.  A sample of cells in fluid suspension is applied via the pipette access port.  Following cell attachment the microchannel wall guides each cell along a linear migration path by contact guidance.  Quantification requires measurement of a cells linear cell displacement from the ‘START’ position, via an integrated scale.