apoptosis assay

Apoptosis Assay Cell-APOPercentage™


Cell-APOPercentage™ Apoptosis Assay

The Cell-APOPercentage™ Apoptosis Assay is a detection and MEASUREMENT system which allows the user to monitor the incidence of apoptosis (programmed cell death) in mammalian, anchorage dependent cells during in vitro culture.

The assay uses a dye that is selectively imported by cells undergoing apoptosis. Necrotic cells cannot retain the dye and therefore are not stained.  The dye that accumulates in 30 minutes within labeled cells is released into solution.  The concentration of released, intracellular dye is measured using a microplate colorimeter.

The manual describes the colorimetric protocol in a 24-well plate format.  Alternative microwell plates, microscope chamber slides and T-flasks are also suitable for use with the assay.

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