Blyscan Glycosaminoglycan Assay

Glycosaminoglycan Assay Blyscan™


The Blyscan™ Glycosaminoglycan Assay is a quantitative dye-binding method for the analysis of sulfated proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, (sGAG).

Test material includes:

  • Cell culture derived material
  • Soluble sGAGs from fluids, such as synovial fluid, urine.
  • Cartilage
  • Connective tissue / tumours

Soluble sGAGs may be assayed directly, solid materials will require a preliminary papain extraction.

The assay can be used to measure the total sGAG content and can also be adopted to determine the O- and N-sulfated glycosaminoglycan ratio within test samples.

The dye label used in the assay is 1,9-dimethylmethylene blue and the dye is employed under conditions that provide a specific label for the sulfated polysaccharide component of proteoglycans or the protein free sulfated glycosaminoglycan chains.

Please note:

The assay is not suitable for small sulfated disaccharide fragments or for the samples containing alginates, as these contain uronic acid.