The Blyscan™ Glycosaminoglycan Assay is a quantitative dye-binding method for the analysis of sulfated proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans.



Standard Assay Kit (110 assays) Product Code: B1000

Large Economy Assay Kit (440 assays) Product Code: B3000

Dye Reagent & Dissociation Reagent Pack (2 x 110ml Dye Reagent, plus 2 x 110ml Dissociation Reagent) Product Code: B1500

Dye Reagent Pack (3 x 110ml) Product Code: B1005

Glycosaminoglycan Standard (100μg/ml; 3 x 5ml) Product Code: B1010

Glycosaminoglycan Isolation & Concentration Pack to clean up and concentrate samples (sufficient for 100 samples) Product Code: B1015


Manuals and Citations

The Blyscan Assay Manual can be downloaded here.
Blyscan Assay Manual

Scientific papers citing the use of the Blyscan Assay in 2014 can be downloaded here.
Recent Blyscan Assay Citations

Older citations of the use of the Blyscan Assay can be downloaded here.
Older Blyscan Assay Citations

Material Safety Data Sheet

The Blyscan MSDS can be downloaded here.
Blyscan MSDS


Blyscan Assay; step-by-step
Blyscan Assay; step-by-step
(a) 0 and 5µg of sGAG and Blyscan Dye, (after 15 minutes mixing).
(b) 30 min mixing and then centrifuged, (note the sGAG-Dye pellet).
(c) The non-sGAG Dye was drained from tubes with pellet retained.
(d) Dye released from sGAG using the Dye Dissociation Reagent.

Assay Sample Material

Soluble extracts from:

– fibrous and hyaline cartilages.

– arteries, heart, lung, skin and other material containing extracellular matrix, (connective tissue) and solid tumours.

– extracellular matrix components that may be released by live cells into the culture medium, some of which can be attached to cell culture plasticware.

– soluble sGAG from synovial fluid, urine and gel chromatography fraction aliquots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the sensitivity of the Blyscan assay?
A. 0.5μg

Q. How long does the Blyscan assay take to run?
A. 1 hour

Q. Can I differentiate between N-sulfated and O-sulfated glycosaminoglycans?
A. A method is given in the manual to differentiate between the glycosaminoglycans present and all necessary reagents are supplied in the kit.

Q. What absorbance values can samples be measured at?
A. The absorbance peak for Blyscan dye in the dissociation reagent is 656nm. This absorbance is suitable for use with most colorimeters and microplate readers with a red filter.

Q. How do I prepare samples for measurement with the Blyscan assay?
A. Preparation details for samples in tissue culture medium, cartilage/soft tissue and urine samples are described in the assay manual.

Blyscan Flow Chart

Blyscan Flowchart