September, 2016

Recent Citation Employing the Sircol Assay

Wilson, S.L., Sidney,L.E., Dunphy,S.E., Dua,H.S. and Hopkinson,A. (2016) Corneal decellularization: A Method of Recycling Unsuitable Donor Tissue for Clinical Translation?  Current Eye Research 41, 769 – 782.

Recent Citation Employing the Blyscan Assay

Parmar,P.A., Skaalure,S.C., Chow,L.W., St-Pierre,J-P., Stoichevska,V., Peng,Y.Y., Werkmeister,J.A., Ramshaw,J.A.M. and Stevens,M.M. (2016) Temporally degradable collagen-mimetic hydrogels tuned to chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells.  Biomaterials 99, 56 – 71.

Recent Citation Employing the Fastin Assay

Fecher,D., Hofmann,E., Buck,A., Bundschuh,R., Nietzer,S., Dandekar,G., Walles,T., Walles,H., Lückerath,K and Steinke,M.  (2016) Human Organotypic Lung Tumor models: Suitable For Preclinical 18F-FDG pET-Imaging.  PLoS ONE 11: e0160282.

Recent Citation Employing the Apopercentage Assay

Ha,T.T., Burwell,S.T., Goodwin,M.L., Noeker,J.A. and Heggland,S.J.  (2016) Pleiotropic roles of Ca+2/calmodulin-dependent pathways in regulating cadmium-induced toxicity in human osteoblast-like cell lines.  Toxicology Letters